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JP 2017 Koyo (Part 3)

Kamikochi  (上高地)

Given this was our 5th visit we had deliberately booked a ryokan with room facing the Mt Hotaka range for 2 nights. Our original plan was to follow the walking trails to Tokuzawa or maybe Yoko-o as day trip and to buffer for any adverse weather conditions.   

It turned out the plan did cater for the latter case only.  On the afternoon when we arrived heavy rain and strong wind was ravaging and getting dark. Thus, we did not venture to go anywhere after checking into our ryokan beside Kappa-bashi (bridge). On the next day wind subsided a bit though rain had been persistent. Rain clouds and mists simply obscured almost all the summits – not even the closer Mt Yakedake can be seen 🙁  We only walked the smaller loop between Kappa-bashi and Tashiro-bashi, while the trail heading to Taisho-ike was closed due to flooding.

Kamikochi in rainstorm


Luckily, the sky cleared up (after typhoon Lan and its rainbands had passed by Japan) upon daybreak prior to our departure, with snow-covered Mt Hotaka range in the background, layered bands of koyo and almost perfect reflections from Taisho-ike !

At last, mother nature and Kamikochi were kind to all visitors in showing off her grandeur. When we arrived at the Taisho-ike observatory point around 8am, there were already a dozen of photographers focusing on the same target after the rainstorms had finally dispersed 🙂


Kamikochi in grandeur


From Kamikochi to Yudanaka onsen via Matsumoto

While we were on the Alpico bus returning to Shin-shimashima, we wondered where the beautiful Mandarina ducks have gone. They were either swimming in Taisho-ike or moving precariously along the river banks during our past four visits. Meanwhile, there were heavy cranes and other machines operating at the far end of Taisho-ike close to the entrance. Hopefully, those lovely birds are still living happily in this closest paradise on Earth.

During the descent, there were gorgeous koyo on either side of the mountains/slopes. After arriving at Matsumoto, we picked up a car and dropped by Matsumoto Castle again.

We then visited Obuse – a small garden town less than 1 hour from Nagano city. As it was the harvesting season of chestnuts, there were plenty of those products for sale.

==> Yudanaka onsen – Yoroduya

==> Part 4 ===>


JP 2007 May Hida Road

Visited Nagoya > Takayama > Norikura Kogen > Kamikochi > Rose garden in Gifu in late May.


Visited Takayama 2nd time since 2000. Strolled in the old town area with many cool local shops. The Hida Kokubunji and the thousand-year old Ginkgo tree should not be missed.

Hirayu onsen

Stayed overnight in Hirayu onsen.

Norikura Kogen

Went up to Tatami-daira @2700m in Norikura Kogen. While Mt Norikura and trail was covered in snow, hiked up to Fujime-dake @2800m. From the summit, Kamikochi and the Japanese Alps could be seen in the distance.




3rd visit in Kamikochi. While we were on the way trekking to Myojin-ike drizzle turned into heavy rain, so we did not stay long nor take any photos and had to return to bus terminal.


Fukuchi onsen

Another Hida-style onsen ryokan in Oku-Hida onsen-go. Fukuchi literally means “Land of Fortune”.

Takayama morning market



==> Rose garden in Gifu ==>