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JP 2018 Koyo Kyoto (Part 3)

Yoshimine-dera (善峯寺)

is located in the western mountains overlooking Kyoto city.  The temple ground is huge and plenty of temple buildings are scattered on the mountain.

From the bus stop there is a meandering steep climb before reaching the Sanmon – entrance gate.  Inside the temple ground, we followed the route and reached Yakushi-do in Okunoin. Nice views of Kyoto city in the distance, apart from peak koyo everywhere.

We spent about 2 hours and were grateful.  There were not many visitors though we had to return early to the bus stop to line up.  Apart from the locals, most were from Taiwan.



koyo highlights


Bishamon-do  (毘沙門堂)

After late lunch in Kyoto station, we headed to Yamashina by train in 5 min, took a taxi at the station and reached Bishamon-do in about 10 min.

The area opened to visitors were relatively small. Koyo was also at peak and not crowded. We spent less than 1 hour. 




Teppanyaki dinner in Granvia Kyoto hotel

ordered the same seafood and beef course as in last Nov 😀 



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