JP 2000 Oct Koyo

Shirahone onsen

1st visit in mid Oct.


Kamikochi (上高地)

2nd visit in mid Oct to witness the fall foliage there for the first time. Been mesmerized by its pristine nature ever since.


Naruko (鳴子峡) and Mogamigawa (最上川)

1st visit to both in Yamagata, Tohoku. Took a 1hr boat ride downstream in Mogamigawa in peak fall colours. Returned to Tokyo by Tsubasa Shinkansen from Shinjo.


Nikko (日光)

2nd visit to witness peak fall foliage there for the first time. Took the lake cruise in Chuzenji-ko up on 1300m. Temp was below 10C with freezing cold wind chill on cruise.


Kusatsu onsen (草津温泉)

visited the public Sainokawara Rotenburo. It was just huge – could eaily accommodate more than 100 ppl. While onsen was in turquoise,  fall colours overhead was beautiful as a bonus 🙂




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