JP 2009 Oct Hokkaido (Part 3)

Kamifurano (上富良野町)

Visited Tomita Farm in Kamifurano, Saka-no-sato then onward to Flowerland. Drove up to Tokachi-dake onsen where fall foliage was at peak. In the parking lot, a wild fox was spotted.


Biei (美瑛)

Had lunch in Biei nearby Shikisai-no-oka, visited our old friend Philosophical Tree then head to a pension in Biei. That night it rained heavily when a cold front passed by. On the next morning the nice pension owners led us to the Chiyoda farm and a sunflower field nearby. After waving goodbyes, we continued to the Tokachi mountain gate to have a closer look. While the summits of the Tokachi range was covered in snow after the heavy rain, fall colours were reaching its peak on the slopes.


Shirogane onsen > Teninkyo > Asahidake (白金溫泉 > 天人峡 > 旭岳)

on the way back down to the foothills in Shirogane onsen, the colours in the forest were beautiful as well. After lunch, we drove to Teninkyo, where we stayed in 2004 for a nice onsen. With an easy walk of about 15min, we reached the Hagoromo-no-taki (羽衣の滝) – a beautiful waterfall with peak fall foliage. Similar to Sounkyo, there were strange rocks on the cliffs in Teninkyo. We then headed to nearby Asahidake onsen for overnight stay. On the next morning, we took the Asahidake ropeway to the top observatory @1600m. To our surprise, the Asahidake was well covered in snow already and it was freezing cold with our windbreaker and fleece, which had been more than enough in our entire trip so far except for this!  Took the 1hr walking trail as in 2004 but this time the trail was treacherous, with snow/ice and water pools along the way. Headed back to Asahikawa to return our car, then stayed overnight in Sapporo before flying back home.

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