JP 2013 Oct Hokkaido

Shikotsu-ko (支笏湖)

Our 3rd visit and stay. Always a good place to relax right after landing – easy drive about 30km from Chitose airport car rentals.

Shikotsu-ko onsen resort


Noboribetsu (登別)

Walked up a steep slope to Jigokudani (Hell valley) from parking lot. Drove uphill to Oyunuma and to Kuttara-ko, a peaceful lake.


Noboribetsu onsen ryokan


Toya-ko (洞爺湖)

Drove to Toya-ko via Orofure Pass. Surprise !! Peak fall foliage was on the slopes. Continued onto Toya-ko for our 5th stay in onsen ryokan. Fireworks after dinner and a serene lakeview outside our room.


Niseko (ニセコ)

Visited Niseko 2nd time for fall foliage. We arrived 1 week earlier than in 2008. This time  peak fall foliage was in Oyunuma and Shinsen-numa. We went on to stay in an onsen ryokan in Niseko Annupuri.


Otaru Premier onsen ryokan


Tokachi (十勝)

From Otaru, drove to Tokachigawa onsen to stay in our favourite ryokan for 3rd time. Visited Nissho-toge but foliage was fading. Lunch in a nearby farmhouse.


Tomamu (トマム)

Stayed in this resort before heading to the airport. One of the highlights there was to watch sea of clouds on its observatory @1000m in early morning. Each day, if their forecast is positive then reservation is required for transports to shuttle bus, cable car at around 4am the next morning. We did not intend to go as we had seen it before in the Alpine route. Besides, the forecast on that day was negative. So all guests could have a good sleep.


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