JP 2014 Oct Tohoku (Part 2)

Urabandai (裏磐梯) > Nakatsugawa (中津川渓谷)

Visited Urabandai 4 times before but all by public transports. In this trip, rented a car from Fukushima and drove along the Bandai Skyline to Urabandai and stopped by Nakatsugawa, whose fall foliage was at peak.



Hibara-ko (桧原湖) > Akimoto-ko (秋元湖) > Goshiki-numa (五色沼)

5th visit to Hibara-ko and Goshiki-numa. Fall foliage was slightly after peak though scenery in smaller ponds such as Renke-numa, Sohara-ko looked awesome. Walked along parts of the Goshiki-numa trail again – a bit disappointed in Ruri-numa and Bishamon-numa as foliage has faded and many leaves had fallen.



Aizu-Wakamatsu (會津若松)

Stayed in onsen hotel in Hibara-ko. On next morning, headed to Aizu-Wakamatsu to visit its castle and we were lucky to have peak foliage.  Stayed in Higashiyama onsen uphill from city centre.

On next day, drove past Inawashiro-ko and returned car in Koriyama. Stayed in Tokyo over weekend before leaving Japan.



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