JP 2015 Oct Nagano (Part 2)

Myoko Kogen (妙高高原)

Myoko Kogen is in fact in Niigata Prefecture, on the border with Nagano Prefecture. 2nd visit since 2001. So glad to be back with a tint of fall foliage, probably 10% 🙂

Imori-ike (いもり池) with Mt Myoko in the background


Waterfalls in Myoko Kogen and in Suzaka

Visited 3 waterfalls, with probably 50% of fall colours.

  • Soutaki (惣滝) in Tsubame onsen
  • Otaki (大滝) in Seki-onsen
  • Dual waterfall – Yonako Daibakufu (米子大瀑布) in Suzaka, Nagano

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