JP 2016 Oct Tohoku (Part 4)

Nasu-dake (那須岳)

Visited Nasu-dake on 16th Oct (Sunday) by Tohoku Shinkansen to Nasu-Shiobara, then by bus. Bus took 1hr+ but traffic grinded to a halt after passing Nasu-Kogen, before reaching the Nasu ropeway as the final stop. The bus driver was nice to suggest that hiking to the ropeway was possible in about 20min. Some of the passengers included me of took his suggestion. It was quite a steep climb along the road and also cutting through via footpaths.  I finally reached the ropeway station after noon time. Realized that so many people were visiting, I had a quick soba then queued up for the ropeway.  Reached the top station @1684m past 1pm, then quickly commenced hiking. Though it was a clear day, strong gusty wind blew amidst a very steep climb. About 30min later, I was rewarded with gorgeous views of Koyo laden Nasu-dake. With another 45min to reach the summit of Chausu-dake @1800m, I decided to turn back at that point. There was no more Koyo upward, and I needed to queue for both the return ropeway and bus.

Queued for bus after 2:30pm. Slightly after 3pm the bus arrived and the bus driver nicely let us embark, though it could not depart before 3:30pm. The bus was so full.  I was lucky to have a seat while some had to stand for more than 2 hours before reaching the nearest JR station. Traffic was really heavy.


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