CH Lake Lugano 2019 Oct

Took the only ferry ride in Lake Lugano to Gandria – the only ride funded from our pockets in Lugano. It took about 1 hour stopping at Paradiso on the western lake rim before heading back towards Gandria, stopping at a few small piers along the way on the opposite side of the lake.




a small town clinging to the steep hillside above the lake and is close to the Italian border – probably in less than 5 km by road.  Had a coffee break and headed back to hotel in less than 20 min by bus.





It rained heavily on the following day.

We visited Morcote on the subsequent day when rain had somewhat subsided. Took train + bus in about 1 hour. It was quiet on Sunday – hardly any shops were open. Had a delicious Italian lunch in a seemingly historical restaurant. 



After lunch we went for exercise again – head uphill to a small church of Santa Maria del Sasso, in typical Italian style but under renovation.  Afterwards, we took bus back to Lugano.



On the next day, we left Lugano after 5 days and returned to Luzern.


====>   Luzern   ====>




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