JP 2007 May Hida Road

Visited Nagoya > Takayama > Norikura Kogen > Kamikochi > Rose garden in Gifu in late May.


Visited Takayama 2nd time since 2000. Strolled in the old town area with many cool local shops. The Hida Kokubunji and the thousand-year old Ginkgo tree should not be missed.

Hirayu onsen

Stayed overnight in Hirayu onsen.

Norikura Kogen

Went up to Tatami-daira @2700m in Norikura Kogen. While Mt Norikura and trail was covered in snow, hiked up to Fujime-dake @2800m. From the summit, Kamikochi and the Japanese Alps could be seen in the distance.




3rd visit in Kamikochi. While we were on the way trekking to Myojin-ike drizzle turned into heavy rain, so we did not stay long nor take any photos and had to return to bus terminal.


Fukuchi onsen

Another Hida-style onsen ryokan in Oku-Hida onsen-go. Fukuchi literally means “Land of Fortune”.

Takayama morning market



==> Rose garden in Gifu ==>



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