JP 2014 Feb Ise-Shima

Visiting Ise-Shima for the first time by car.  Nagoya > Matsusaka > Ise > Toba > Shima and return.

Ise (outer and Inner) Shrines



Ise => Toba => Shima

Visited Meoto Iwa (wedded rocks) in Ise coast. Skirted along beautiful coastlines. Sea was deep blue as in Cote d’Azur in France.



Toba Mikimoto Pearl Island

Visited famous Mikimoto Pearl Island for the museum and watched a live performance by “sea-lady” diving for big clams as in the old days. It was cold that day around 10C during daytime.



==> Part 2 ==>



5 thoughts on “JP 2014 Feb Ise-Shima”

  1. Where did you recommend stay at Ise Shima National Park? We have 2 nights around the area.

    Must we rent a car here? Not sure I can drive on the left side of the road. If we do not drive, should we just stay in Ise, not the park area?

    1. Both Ise and Toba are served by both JR and Kintetsu trains from Kyoto, Osaka and Nagoya. Within these towns there are public buses and so there is no need to drive unless you want to visit the coastlines in the Shima Peninsula, like we did.


  2. I was wondering how much time I would need in Ise/Toba area- first time to this area. I will be using public transport. I would like to see Geku, Naiku, the shopping street outside Naiku, perhaps view the ocean from Toba, and maybe Meotoiwa.
    Any suggestions?

    1. To visit all the above in 1 day would be too rush without a car. By public transports it’d be more realistic to visit Naiku+shopping street, Meotoiwa and probably Toba main street.
      No idea if there are public transports accessing to seaview points in Toba as those are high up on mounts.
      If you’re squeezed by time, Geku (outer shrine) can be skipped.
      ps. will be on long vacation for few weeks out-of-town soon. will revert when back.

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