JP 2016 Dec Onomichi onsen resort

Took about 40min by hotel shuttle bus pick up from Onomichi station.  The resort has an awesome view of the Seto Inland Sea (Setonaikai), with islands and peninsula stretching into the horizon.

The Kaiseki dinner was very nice. Worth mentioning is the fresh fishes being served – one grilled and one fried upon their recommendation among others, were very delicious. These were local fishes which were unknown to us. The grilled Hiroshima beef was served in western style.

As to the morning breakfast, we selected the western style. The restaurant was in an open area next to a huge lawn facing the sea with a swimming pool in front.  It has been many years since our stays in Amsterdam that we had Champagne again during breakfast. Equally surprising was the grilled Tai fish on top of Eggs Benedict. Selected bread rolls were sliced and heated in charcoal furnace outdoor.

Undoubtedly it was a memorable onsen stay. We would definitely return in other seasons of the year.



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