JP 2016 Feb Kinki (Part 2)


Kasuga Taisha (春日大社)

Visited Nara Park. Followed path uphill to Kasuga Taisha. Along the path leading up to the shrine, there were many stone lanterns lining on either side. The stone lanterns have inscriptions on it stating the amount of donation and the name of donors. From time to time, deers were wandering in the park, waiting for passers-by to feed them. Inside the shrine, there are many hanging lanterns.



Nigatsu-do (東大寺二月堂)

From Kasuga Taisha, followed path to Todai-ji and arrived at Nigatsu-do. This beautiful hall is part of Todai-ji and is located in its eastern hillside. Nigatsu literally means the second month (in the lunar calendar) for an annual rite held since 8th century. There are many hanging lanterns, paintings and carvings in the hallway. A nice view of Nara city could be seen from the deck.


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