JP 2016 May Hokkaido (Part 1)

Visited Hokkaido in May for the 2nd time for Shibazakura and Tulips before end May. We were lucky to catch the Lilac Festival in Sapporo on the last day before we left.


4th stay in onsen ryokan there right after landing and before embarking on long road trip. Clear views of mountains surrounding the lake this time.

Tulips in Takino-Suzuran Park

This park is in the southern outskirts of Sapporo. The park is huge and we only covered the central area where the tulips were grown, and pansies from locals for exhibition. Weather was in low 20C for few days – warmer than normal, thus some tulips had pelted.

Official website

Nanohana in Takikawa

2nd visit since May 2006. Stopped by before arriving at Asahikawa for an overnight stay.

Shibazakura in Takinoue Park

Visited Shibazakura 10 years ago in Higashi-Motoko Park. The Takinoue Park is to the north east of Asahikawa, almost reaching Monbetsu. Unlike the Higashi-Motoko Park which was privately managed, this is operated by the Takinoue Machi Government. Size is about 100,000 square metre, according to its official website. The Shibazakura here has more pink and violet whereas the other in white and pink.

Official website


Tulips in Kamiyubetsu

Kamiyubetsu is less than 100km from Takinoue. Based on its historical reports I had decided to visit before end May and that proved to be a correct call. Spoke to a staff and she mentioned that some tulips had started to pelt prior to our arrival due to warmer weather for several days. The tulip park was huge and we spent probably 3hrs including lunch.

Tulip Park Official website

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