JP 2017 Dec Kyushu (Part 2)


Kujukushima literally means 99 islands and that refers to many islands off the coasts of Sasebo in NW Nagasaki Prefecture.  Visited a few observation points including Kouzakibana Koen (garden) which is the most western point in Japan mainland including Kyushu. 



Took the Pearl Sea cruise outside Sasebo after lunch in 50min. Though it was windy and drizzling, it was the most beautiful sea cruise we ever had including Matsushima Bay in Miyagi and Shimoda in Izu. Even on a cloudy day, some of smaller bays was in turquoise.  There are over 200 isles in that area.


Views from two different observation points.  The photos taken in Ishidake was in next morning on a sunny day. It was the place where shots of the movie The Last Samurai were taken.



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