JP 2017 Koyo (Part 2)

Before checking into the onsen hotel in Chuzenji-ko we dropped by the Kegon fall. Unfortunately, it was completely obscured in fog+mists+rain. Well, we had seen it four times before. That’s the consolation we told ourselves 🙁

Chuzenji-ko (中禪寺湖)

On the next morning after hotel checkout, the rain did not stop nor did the visibility improve – the entire Mt Nantai was obscured. Thus, we just dropped by an observatory point along the lake rim before returning to Takasaki along the same road.



Fukiware-no-taki (吹割の滝)

Before reaching Numata city we dropped by the funnel-shaped Fukiware falls. It was a short walk of about 30min and worth it.


We returned car in Takasaki and stayed in Tokyo for the weekend.  Due to rainy days, we did not go for any outdoor trip but dropped by Roppongi Hills where the Halloween decorations and goods were on the shelves.

Next we headed to Kamikochi while the super-typhoon Lan was approaching.


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