JP 2017 Koyo (Part 4)

Matsukawa river valley (松川渓谷)

We next stayed in a renowned historical onsen ryokan in Yudanaka onsen for 2 nights. While the local weather forecast had predicted a sunny day in Nagano Prefecture, rain clouds rolled in not long after our breakfast and we had to embrace for another rainy day again 🙁

Despite this, we had some nice surprises for the day when we visited Matsukawa river valley for the first time ! Apart from peak koyo, we bumped into two waterfalls that were not on our radar screen.

Walking behind a waterfall for the first time – the Kaminari-daki (Thunder fall) !!


Yonako falls – top 100 waterfalls in Japan (日本の滝百選 米子大瀑布)

On the next morning after checkout, we drove to Yonako falls in Suzaka city.

The car park was at 1300m, after 10km of narrow and winding mountain road from Suzaka city.  From there, we hiked another 180m uphill to the observatory in about 30min. Though koyo has past peak on the cliffs, it was still stunning.

local website

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