JP 2017 May Osaka

Returned to Osaka/Tennoji and checked into hotel in Abeno Harukas.

headed to Expo ’70 park in northern Osaka. Roses have passed its peak blossom and most have started pelting due to hot temperature of 30C over past few days. While in another corner, hydrangea have started to bloom.

Expo ’70 Commemorative Park



Headed to Kurama and Kibune as day trip in northern Kyoto for first time.  Took Eizan rail to climb uphill and arrived at Kurama, whose temples were built along hillside. As we have planned to hike over to Kibune, we took a cable car about halfway uphill.


Hiking to Kibune

This took about 45min from Kurama Honden (Main Hall) via Okuno-in uphill then downhill. Bumped into a bunch of school kids who were in outing.



As it was almost 1pm when we arrived at Kibune we went for Kawadoko ryori (dining) in Hirobun, about 15min uphill from Nishi-mon.  Along the mountain stream platforms are built during the summer months till September so visitors can enjoy a meal while stream flows underneath.

Although it was on a weekday, the queue for the famous “Nagashi-somen” took 1 hour. Thus, we opted for one of the lunch courses instead – with somen anyway.  The lunch set was nice – better than expected and it was truly refreshing and relaxing sitting next to a mountain stream, when day temperature exceeded 30C.

After finishing lunch, we headed downhill to visit Kibune Jinja.   Then headed downhill for bus and trains back to Osaka via Kyoto.


Views from hotel room and Observatory in Abeno Harukas




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  1. Would you please be so kind to recommend a beautiful traditional place with great view to stay at Kyoto? Do those shrines have great resort or inns around? This is our first time and we do not want to stay in big modern hotels.

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