JP 2017 Sakura Fuji 5-lake (Part 2)

Shiraito and Otodome Falls

(白糸の滝, 音止の滝)

Next we arrived at Shiraito Falls in Fujinomiya (Shizuoka Prefecture). While the falls were spectacular, we got the first bonus in Fujinomiya – sakura full blossom and Mt Fuji together ! And Mt Fuji looked different when viewed from here – there’s a small apex in the summit.


Oishi Park (大石寺)

Next we visited Oishi Park where sakura was in peak blossom, and Mt Fuji was in sight again !!


Kariyado-no-geba zakura (狩宿の下馬桜)

Upon our return, stopped by to visit this sakura tree of more than 800 years old. Though sakura has finished, nanohana and other flowers were blooming. 


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