JP 2017 Sakura Jindai-zakura

leaving onsen ryokan in Suwa-ko after 2 nights’ stay. Picked up rental car and drove to Kawaguchi-ko, stopped by Yamataka and Fuefuki in Yamanashi Prefecture.

Suwa-ko in different perspectives


Sakura and Ume blossoms along the road


Yamataka Jindai-zakura (山高神代桜)

The Jindai-zakura is one of the 3 most famous sakura trees in Japan. It’s estimated to be 1800-2000 years old re its website (see below).  Apart from it, its son tree and sons of other famous sakura trees from Usuzumi-zakura (淡墨桜) in Gifu, Miharutaki-zakura (三春滝桜) in Fukushima and Kuon-ji (久遠寺) were inside Jisso-ji (実相寺), forming a sakura forest in miniature, while rows of white and yellow Suisen (daffodils) were planted in the fields. We were soaking in this forest for nearly 2 hours.

official website


Before heading to the onsen hotel in Kawaguchi-ko, we visited a park in Fuefuki where there are numerous peach farms around. Pink peach flowers were in full bloom and a large sakura tree caught attention from visitors.


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