JP 2018 July Hokkaido (Part 5)

Blue Pond and Shirahige falls

After late lunch we dropped by the blue pond again.  As it was a calm and sunny day, reflections were almost perfect.  While it was as crowded as in a large open market, we returned to our onsen resort in Naka-Furano soon afterwards.



Hokuryu Himawari (sunflower) festival

On the next morning, after checking out from the Nakafurano onsen resort, we drove to Hokuryu for its sunflower festival.  On the way, we dropped by a small mount near Fukagawa where there was a Tottoro bus.

As the sunflowers were less than impressive (compared to our trip in Oct 2009 in Biei), we did not stay long and head back to Sapporo for lunch.



Back in Sapporo

While this kaiten-sushi shop in JR Tower Sapporo is often crowded with long line, its shop in southern Sapporo has free parking.  When we arrived it had plenty of vacant seats.

In the evening, we went for dinner in Mikuni – the French restaurant of JR Tower Hotel Nikko Sapporo.




~~~~~~~~~~   T H E    E N D   ~~~~~~~~~~



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