JP 2018 Koyo Kyoto (Part 2)

Sagano Scenic Train ride (Torroko Train)

Managed to book this highly popular scenic train ride from Arashiyama to Kameoka 1 month in advance.

The train station was filled with visitors – most were in tour groups. Apart from locals, the other majorities were from Taiwan, mainland China and Thailand.

While we were seated on the right, in the beginning the koyo scenes on the left bank of the Hozugawa (stream) were more photogenic.



Arashiyama Park

headed up to the Observatory. Nice views of Arashiyama and Hozugawa.



Lunch in Kyo-Suiran

Suiran is a luxurious ryokan in Arashiyama – have not stayed though. Reserved for lunch and strolled around its garden with nice views of Hozugawa.

Lunch was delicious apart from nice service. The dining room was fully occupied.

A few days later this ryokan was featured in a local TV program, showing its Presidential Suite.



Myoshin-ji / Taizo-in  (妙心寺 / 退藏院)

Before calling it a day, we visited Taizo-in in Myoshin-ji, which is a large complex consisting of many subtemples.

Taizo-in is a relatively small landscape garden. However, it has rock gardens, mini-rapids, a pond and a hollowed bamboo for listening to water music from water droplets.  It was serene and we sat down for 15 min before leaving.



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