JP 2018 Koyo Shikoku (Part 5)

Sodoshima (小豆島)

On next morning car was returned in Takamatsu and took high-speed ferry to Sodoshima – literally “small beans island”. Picked up a reserved Kei car for 4 hours upon arrival.



Kankakei (寒霞溪)

drove uphill to top ropeway station at about 600m and dropped by a tea house at about 300m. In the end we noticed that koyo was at peak in latter rather than at the summit.  Though Kankakei can be reached by bus and ropeway, we rented a car to avoid potentially long lines in peak koyo season.  Indeed, there were many visitors at the top ropeway station.


views from observatory near top of ropeway station


Olive Park

next we drove downhill for lunch in Olive road station.  Nearby there is an olive park where olive has been first grown in Japan for 100 years. It attracted plenty of visitors as it was also the venue of a local movie shot a few years ago.


views from onsen hotel in Takamatsu


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