JP 2018 May West Izu

Took Tokaido Shinkansen to Mishima and pick up car to visit Nishi-Izu (West Izu).

Day 1. Coastline along Izu Toi to Izu Heda

Day 2. Numazu

Day 3. Visit Hakone Open-air Museum

Day 4. Visit Fuji Shibazakura Park

Sushi lunch in Izu Toi

dropped by famous local small sushi shop in Toi, which is famous for fresh fish caught in Suruga Bay.  Nice and delicious sushi freshly prepared. Luckily we arrived earlier as late comers had to wait.


Coastline along Izu Toi and Izu Heda

after lunch headed south towards Koibito-misaki (Cape of lovers) where Mt Fuji could be seen on clear days. Lucky to have Mt Fuji in blue sky as if it were floating on Suruga Bay. As rain clouds started to roll in we headed back north to Izu Heda. By the time we reached there an hour later Mt Fuji was barely visible.



Dinner in Izu-Heda onsen ryokan

Though this was our sixth stay in Izu onsen ryokan, it was our first taste of Takaashi-kani (Japanese spider crab) caught from the depths of Suruga Bay. Super delicious and highly recommended.


===>  Numazu  ===>


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