JP 2018 Sept Karuizawa

Visited the countryside of Nagano Prefecture along parts of the Romantic Road for few days. Rented a car to visit Karuizawa, Kusatsu onsen, Komoro, the highland areas including Utsukushigahara-kogen, Kuramayama-kogen, Shirakaba-ko, Tateshina-kogen etc.

Returned car in Chino and took JR Chuo express train back to Tokyo.

Stayed in Karuizawa Prince Hotel East Wing with free access to onsen for few nights.

Before typhoon #21 hit Japan, we drove uphill to visit Kusatsu onsen town as a day trip.

On the next day, we drove around Karuizawa while it started to drizzle and turn into heavier rain during the day.

Kumoba-ike (雲 場 池)

about 5-10 min drive from town.


Harunire Terrace

strolled around shops and small stream


St Paul Catholic Church


Teppanyaki dinner by hotel main chef


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