JP 2018 Sept Tateshina Kogen

Stayed in Tateshina Tokyu Hotel for 2 nights. Located at about 1300m in a forest with golf courses, tennis courts and other facilities for families to spend in summer and winter months.

Almost perfect reflections in the pond in front of the hotel.


Shirakoma-ike (白 駒 池)

Drove up to 2100m for this pond which is famous for koyo (fall foliage) in end September.  There was no koyo yet (as expected) though we trekked past a primitive forest in about 30min.


Mishaga-ike (御射鹿池)

A turquoise pond on the roadside with wonderful reflections on clear calm days.  It attracted big crowds who were ferried in by coaches.


Otome-no-taki (乙女の滝)

“Virgin” waterfall and Tateshina Kogen (highland) lookout.


Returned car in Chino on the next day and travelled back to Tokyo by JR Chuo express train. Stayed in Tokyo/Shibuya over the weekend before returning to Hong Kong.


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