JP 2019 April Hakone

Hakone was a plan B in case of poor weather – unfortunately it had to be executed again as another low depression system was rolling into Kanto region overnight after our arrival in Fuji 5-lake.

Snow was falling again in the morning when I started driving, getting heavier when crossing the mountain roads into Hakone Jinja via Hakone Sengokuhara.



Hakone Jinja

By the time when we arrived at Hakone Jinja, snow had turned into rain. Also dropped by the Torri gate along the lake rim.


Torii gate at the lake rim of Ashino-ko



Pola Museum of Art

Had a nice lunch  inside its western restaurant for European cuisine, before visiting its nice collection of Impressionist paintings. Stayed for around 3 hours. During return drive, dropped by a fishing lake in Gotemba where Somei Yoshino sakura was in full bloom, though Mt Fuji was totally hidden behind clouds.




Chosen western dinner course for 2 nights in onsen hotel in Kawaguchi-ko


===>  Sakura in Arakurayama Sengen Park   ===>


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