JP 2019 May Yufuin

Our 4th visit and 3rd stay in this onsen town – one of our fav in Kyushu 🙂

Strolled along the main street, dropped by Ginrin-ko (featured photo) again. It was beautiful with new lush green though quite crowded with group tourists. Had a coffee break in Snoopy Cafe before heading to onsen resort.



Stay  –>  Yufuin Hanayoshi


Visited a private art museum/library after checking out on the next day. It was attached to another luxurious onsen resort containing the collections from its owner. To our surprise, on the 2nd floor there was a small room with live radio broadcast !


Had a coffee before crossing Mt Yufu into Beppu where we’d stay for another 2 nights.


===>    Beppu   ====>



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