JP 2019 Sep Koyo Daisetsuzan

Our 3rd visit in Daisetsuzan for first koyo (fall foliage) in Japan. As the main goals of my plan was to cover Asahidake, Ginsendai and Kogen onsen, I have advanced this visit for a few days than in my first visit in Sept 2004.

After Daisetsuzan, we stayed in Furano overnight before returning to Sapporo. Upon landing in Sapporo/CTS, took Dohoku express bus to Asahikawa direct in 2 hours+.

Went to our favourite izakaya for dinner (5th time).


Picked up rental car on next morning. However, as rain was forecasted (due to a temperature cyclone moving in from Siberia), I diverted to Biei/Furano. It was already raining quite heavily on the way and by the time we arrived at Farm Tomita at around 11am, rain unexpectedly stopped and the sun showed up briefly.

The colourful flower fields looked gorgeous as usual.


After casual lunch, dropped by its dried flower shop again and headed to the Blue pond before rain clouds rolled in.

Had a coffee break and cakes in Cafe Ken & Mary in Biei before heading uphill to Asahidake onsen for overnight.



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