JP 2019 Sep Koyo Sapporo/Otaru

Returned to Sapporo for 2 nights before flying back home. While koyo won’t be in Sapporo until mid to late Oct, it was more for relaxation and to enjoy French dinner course served in a 3-star Michelin restaurant.

Quickly dashed to our fav sushi restaurant in Sapporo for lunch after dropping our luggage in JR Tower Hotel Nikko Sapporo.



Dinner in fav izakaya. No sightseeing as it had been raining quite heavily in Sapporo.


It was a sunny day on the next morning after the passage of another temperate cyclone. Went to Otaru again for easy strolls in its canal and glass shops.


Seafood-don lunch in Sankaku market


French dinner course “Terroir” in Michelin 3-star restaurant – delicious food and superb service !!



Dropped by the former Hokkaido Government office Building again and Odori Park before departure.

That is the end of our 1-week koyo trip in Hokkaido.



**********            E  N  D           ************



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