JP 2009 April Sendai


This was our first sakura visit in Tohoku in 2009. Visited a top 100 sakura spots in Japan nearby Sendai, about 30 min by local train.

Funaoka castle-ruins Park (船岡城址公園)

The only top 100 sakura spots in Miyagi Prefecture where Sendai is. An easy 20 min walk up a small hill from JR Funagaoka station.  From there, we had a great view of the thousand-sakura along the Shiroishi river dyke  with Mt Zao faintly in the background.

local sakura website

Shiroishi River Dyke “Hitome Senbonzakura”


Visited the 8km long Shiroishi river dyke at the foothill of Funaoka Castle Park.  “Hitome Senbonzakura” literally means thousand Sakura at a glance. A beautiful row of big Sakura trees of 80 years and more formed a sakura tunnel where visitors could relax along the dyke.

On another day, visited the same but from the other end of the dyke nearby JR Ogawara station 大河原駅 (宮城県).  Sakura tunnel was on either side of the river dyke.

local sakura site

Onsen ryokan stays in Akiu and Matsushima onsen


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