JP 2016 Dec Chugoku (Part 1)

Visited Chugoku area for the first time – Okayama, Kurashiki, Miyajima, Fukuyama before returning to Himeji and Osaka. Our visit was in the last week in December, New Year decorations were in many places as locals were busily preparing the NY.

Took Sanyo Shinkansen and local trains, pretty easy and comfortable.

Korakuen in Okayama

One of three famous landscape gardens in Japan.

Okayama castle

The castle is situated on the back of Korakuen across a stream via a foot-bridge. There is an exit gate on the back allowing easy access to both.



about 30min by local train from Okayama. It was a rainy day so we spent about 2 hours strolling there. Unfortunately, the Ohara Museum was closed and we visited the Toy museum instead.



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