JP 2013 Feb Wakayama

Wakayama (和歌山)

visited Wakayama city and Prefecture for the first time by car. Stayed in Wakayama city overnight after landing in KIX.  Nice dinner in local restaurant. On next morning, picked up car and stopped by Wakayama castle before heading to Shirahama.


Shirahama (白浜)

Shirahama literally means white seaside. Took about 2 hrs by expressway through many tunnels. Had a late  Ise-ebi (local lobster) lunch. Visited some coastal features such as Senjojiki (千畳敷) nearby before checking in onsen hotel.

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Shirahama onsen hotel


Kii Katsuura (紀伊勝浦) / Nachi Taisha (那智大社)

drove past the southern-most tip in Honshu and onward to Kii Katsuura. There were other coastal features in Kushimoto (串本). After lunch in Kii Katsuura town, drove uphill to visit World Heritage Nachi Taisha and Fall.


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Kii Katsuura onsen ryokan


Drove back to Wakayama city via Tanabe, returned car and took Nankai rail to Osaka/ Namba.





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