JP Koyo 2016 Fuji 5-lake

Fuji 5-lake

have visited Kawaguchi-ko and Yamanaka-ko more than 10 years ago, but this was our 1st visit for Koyo. Rented a car to explore the entire area. Stayed in onsen hotel in Kawaguchi-ko for 2 nights.

In the morning, Mt Fuji showed up from our balcony after mists and clouds had dispersed.

Momiji-kairo (もみじ回廊) in Kawaguchi-ko

This was the venue of the 2016 Kawaguchi-ko Koyo festival, which lasted from 1st-23rd November. Koyo was at peak and luckily again the sun was out which added more vivid colours. Not far away from the Koyo corridor, there were stalls selling food, drinks, local produce, craftworks, souvenirs etc.


Motosu-ko (本栖湖) and Shoji-ko (精進湖)

The Koyo along the lake rims on Motosu-ko was beautiful.  Drove to the viewpoint where Mt Fuji is featured on the 1,000-Yen note.


Oshino Hakkai (忍野八海)

Oshino Hakkai is a small village between Kawaguchi-ko and Yamanaka-ko. There are small ponds with crystal clear, transparent water.


Diamond Fuji in Yamanaka-ko

This phenomenon can be seen in Yamanaka-ko only from October to February, when the sun sets directly onto the summit of Mt Fuji, thus producing a “Diamond” effect right before it is completely hidden behind Mt Fuji. The first 4 photo shots of Mt Fuji below lasted in about 5 seconds only !

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