JP Kyushu onsen 2020 Jan (Part 6)

Dazaifu Tenmangu (大宰府天満宮)

After checking out we headed back to Fukuoka in about 130km away. Dropped by Dazaifu Tenmangu in the outskirts of Fukuoka.

Though it was a Friday, it was fairly crowded on the road and inside the temple ground, where lots of locals were praying – probably for good luck in the new year, and students passing exams. While it was famous for Ume blossom – with 6000 Ume trees, one or two trees have started blooming in early stage.




Returned car in Hakata and checked into hotel nearly station. It was lucky that we bumped into the Light Festival by teamLab in Fukuoka Castle Ruins.

Visited the Borderless teamLab in Tokyo/Odaiba 1 year ago. As the show was outdoor the night sky and night views of Fukuoka (featured photo) could be observed.  Winter constellations such as Orion, Canis Major, Taurus, Gemini could clearly be seen by naked eye on a cloudless night.



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