JP 2017 Feb Ski Yuzawa

Returned to Yuzawa onsen town and skied in Kagura, Naeba, Gala+Ishiuchi Maruyama ski resorts. Rented a medium-fat ski on D1+2.

D1 Kagura+Tashiro

With the fatter ski I had better control on bumpy and deep snow. Went up to the expert course @1850m – on top of the Main gelande, for the first time when previously it was closed most of the time.


D2 – Mt Naeba

Big snowstorm grounded the gondola to the upper slopes so all were confined to lower slopes. The fatter skis allowed me to surf on knee-deep snow when previously on normal skis I would have sink in and got stuck.


D3 – Gala+Ishiuchi Maruyama (IM)

Sunny and calmer day at last. Revisited Gala and spent few hours in neighbouring IM, where there are some good moguls at the foothill. Gala itself was not that big and it was quite crowded even on weekday.


Some nice restaurants in the onsen town.


==> Ume blossom in Tokyo, Mito ==>



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