Tenku no fune

Stayed in this luxurious onsen resort in Kami-Amakusa. Tenku-no-fune literally means boat floating in the sky.  Indeed, the resort was on a small mount overlooking estuaries with the Shimabara Peninsula in the distance.

After checkin procedures, we were led to our junior suite by a golf cart. The suite itself was of 47 sqm with spacious twin beds, a living area, and a wooden terrace of 38 sqm facing the bay.  The rotenburo in our room was slightly inside the terrace and covered. Thus, we could soak in it even if it had rained. There was not any public onsen unlike in most onsen hotels/resorts.

Both meals were in Italian, prepared from fresh seafood and vege, whereas beef was from Kumamoto/Aso. It was a nice finale to our last trip in Japan in 2017.





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