JP 2009 Oct Hokkaido (Part 2)

Teshikaga/Kussharo-ko, Mashu-ko (屈斜路湖 > 摩周湖)

3rd visit to these 2 lakes we like most in Hokkaido East. We followed our last driving trip in 2006. So glad when we were back in Mashu-ko blue sky and deep blue lake was awaiting us.


Onneto & Akan-ko ( オンネトー > 阿寒湖)

Visited Onneto, a small lake uphill from Akan-ko. Lake was in amazing turquoise with reflections of Mt Me-Akan (Ms Akan), and a bit of fall foliage. Stayed in luxurious Hinoza in Akan-ko, a standalone annex to Tsuruga onsen hotel (see ONSEN page).


Tokachigawa > Shikaribetsu-ko (十勝川 > 然別湖)

From Akan-ko we drove to Tokachigawa for our favourite onsen in Hokkaido. On next day, we drove to Furano, stopping by Shikaribetsu-ko, where there were some fall colours already.


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