JP 2017 Koyo Kansai (Part 1)

Visited Kansai for 1 week in late Nov for peak koyo in Miyajima, Kyoto and around Biwako.

Right after landing in KIX, we headed to an onsen resort in Kobe to relax. It was our second stay.

Kobe harbour views from our room balcony – dusk till dawn.



Right after checkout, we headed to Miyajima by Sanyo Shinkansen, local commuter train and ferry. Went for lunch before taking ropeway to Mt Misen.


Mt Misen

It took nearly an hour to queue up for the ropeway – guess it was due to koyo season. By the time we reached the top station it was almost 3pm. Started hiking up to summit but first we had to descend before ascending.  Reached summit at around 4pm, rested for a while and commenced the return.  Stopped by Misen Hondo and the eternal flame along the descent. Queued for the ropeway again for almost an hour and watched sunset over Mt Misen while waiting. By the time we arrived back at the base station it was completely dark.  Returned to our onsen hotel nearby.



Stayed in Miyajima Grand Hotel Arimoto


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