JP 2017 Koyo Kansai (Part 2)

On the next morning, we visited the Momijidani Park and Daisho-in before leaving Miyajima. Wild deers were roaming freely in the Park. Though koyo has passed peak, it was still nice.  Koyo was still in peak in Daisho-in. It was serene when the day trippers have not arrived yet.

From Momijidani Park to Daisho-in


Torii Gate – night and day

As we had visited the Itsukushima Shrine less than one year ago, we gave it a pass. I strolled around after dinner and reached the Torii Gate viewpoint in less than 15 min. It was nice to see it illuminated. By the time I was about to return, a small passenger cruise was sailing through the Gate.


By the time we checked out early drizzles had turned into rain. It continued when we were on Shinkansen in Hiroshima. Returned to Kyoto after lunch and checked into hotel on top of Kyoto station.


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