JP 2017 Koyo Kansai (Part 3)

So glad to be back in Kyoto during peak koyo season for the 4th time. Visited Jojakko-ji, Komyo-ji, Okochi-sanso and Kodai-ji in 1.5 days.

Jojakko-ji (常寂光寺)

Took JR commuter train to Saga-Arashiyama, then taxi to Jojakko-ji to save time. Though it was a smaller temple, it was on a hill covered in a forest of fiery red trees. Koyo was brilliant and we spent almost 2 hours there !!  By the time we left it was already sunset.



Komyo-ji  (光明寺)

Visited Komyoji in Nagaoka-kyo. The famous “Koyo tunnel” was indeed gorgeous.


Returned to Arashiyama by Hankyu train. Walked along Hozugawa and across the Togetsu bridge. It was so crowded around the bridge junctions that there were people directing traffic and crowd flows. Koyo in Arashiyama looked beyond peak. We had a quick lunch before visiting Okochi-Sanso on the back of the bamboo forest.


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