JP 2017 Sakura Takato Castle ruins

Takato Castle ruins (高遠城址公園)

have long been aware of this very famous sakura spot but due to its location and timing have not visited till this trip. 

Unlike in 2014, 2015 when full bloom commenced around 10th April, this year the bloom dates revert to yearly average. Thus, there were only a few trees with blooming sakuras. Nevertheless, the festival was on and many locals visited. We’ll be back for full bloom !

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other Sakura spots in Ina city

After leaving Takato castle, visited Kasuga Koen (春日公園) in nearby Ina city.  A few early blooming sakura trees were blooming, though other famous sakura trees of few hundred years old near Takato Castle were not in budding stage yet.



Suwa Taisha Akimiya (諏訪大社下社秋宮)

Dropped by Suwa Shimosha Akimiya in Shimo-Suwa city before returning to onsen ryokan in Kami-Suwa. Visited the Akimiya Shrine and also two raised Onbashira – honoured pillars (御柱).

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