JP 2018 Koyo Kyoto (Part 1)

Back in Kyoto – 3 years in a row in late November for peak koyo.  Picked some nice spots with much less crowds.

D1 – Shinnyodo

D2 – Sagano Scenic Train (Torroko train ride) > Arashiyama Park > Myoshin-ji / Taizo-in

D3 – Yoshimine-dera > Bishamon-do


Shinnyodo  (真如堂)



Tetsugaku-no-michi – the Philosopher’s path

dropped by it across the road from Shinnyodo to remember those days when we first visited Kyoto for koyo 18 years ago.



Winter Illuminations

Back in our fav hotel in Kyoto facing the lit-up Kyoto Tower and Higashi Honganji in the distance. 

Had first dinner in our fav Izakaya near Kyoto station.


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