JP 2018 Koyo Nara

It was a sunny day on next morning. Took Kintetsu rapid commuter train to Nara from Osaka.  Walked to Ukimido while passing through the Nara Park.

Nara Park – Ukimido (浮見堂)


Lunch in local restaurant outside Todaiji (2nd time) serving local beef. I ordered the Hitsumabushi style.


Yoshiki-en  (吉城園)

Surprise visit – while heading towards Isuien, we dropped by this garden entrance. Upon enquiry, entrance fee was waived for foreigners. The landscape garden was quite large and we stayed there for 1 hour+.

It used to be  privately owned, subsequently acquired by the Nara Government and opened to public.


Kofuku-ji – Chuo Kondo (興福寺 中金堂)

On our way back to Kintetsu Nara station, dropped by the Chuo Kondo (Central Golden Hall) which has reopened since Oct 2018.


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