JP 2018 March Sakura Hitoyoshi

Tadamoto-koen – top 100 sakura spots (忠元公園)

On the next morning stopped by this park in Isa town before reaching Hitoyoshi in southern Kumamoto Prefecture.

It was awesome with about 1000 Sakura trees in full bloom, while many seniors were competing in croquet.


Hitoyoshi castle ruins (人吉城跡)

Arrived at Hitoyoshi  castle ruins where sakura was in full bloom as well. Plenty of locals were having picnics beneath the sakura trees.


Sekisui-ji  (石水寺)

After lunch, dropped by this temple of about 600 years old. (Sekisui literally means stone water).

From the main entrance, a megane-bashi (spectacle-shaped bridge) crossed over a stream where it led up to an eye-shaped stone in front of the main hall.

It was serene with Magnolia and Sakura in full bloom.

Onsen hotel overlooking Kumagawa


Aoi-Aso Jinja (青井阿蘇神社)

Before leaving Hitoyoshi on the next morning, visited this Jinja of more than 1000 years old in the city.


Kyusendou (球泉洞)

Dropped by this limestone cave while driving onward to seaside onsen town Yunoko in Minamata.  It took about 30min for an unguided visit inside the cave. Turquoise Kumagawa was along the way. 


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