JP 2018 March Sakura Minamata

Yunoko Cherry line – top 100 sakura spots


The cherry line was 5km long skirting along the coastline of Yunoko in Minamata.


Sunset in Yunoko

Stayed in an onsen hotel in Yunoko onsen town.  Sea was calm so nice reflections were caught easily.


Fukuda farm

Before leaving Yunoko on the next morning dropped by this farm uphill. Scenery was gorgeous with panoramic views of the sea and coastline. 


Returned car in Izumi city and took Kyushu Shinkansen back to Kagoshima city. Checked into onsen hotel on Shiroyama, which overlooks the city and Sakurajima on a hill.

Shiroyama hotel


Sakura along Koutsukigawa

Strolled along the river banks again before departing Kyushu. After 1 week since our arrival sakura was in full bloom.



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