JP 2019 May Kuju Kogen

Before leaving Mt Aso after staying for 2 nights, visited Sensuikyo for Miyama-Kirishima (mountain azalea).


Sensuikyo (仙酔峡)

Luckily, the road leading up to Sensuikyo has re-opened from April (after being closed since the last earthquake in 2016).  The pink Miyama-Kirishima was almost in full bloom on the slopes. We left less than an hour later, when more cars were waiting to be allowed into the parking lot.


Kuju Flower Park

Arrived at the flower park around noon. Had casual lunch then visited various colourful flower fields.  There were live music performances close to the entrance on that Sunday which attracted many visitors.

The park was huge and we spent roughly 2 hours there. By the time we left rain clouds started rolling in. Though it was quite crowded (as expected), the park was beautiful with spring flowers and the Kuju mountain range as backdrop.


Last glimpses of Mt Aso before heading to Kurokawa onsen




===>   Kurokawa onsen  ====>



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