JP 2019 May Kurokawa onsen

Stay –> Yamabiko onsen ryokan


It was our 2nd stay in Kurokawa onsen, whose ryokans are scattered on either side of a gorge with a stream flowing in between.  Paths are narrow and only one-way traffic is allowed inside the onsen town.  We had a stroll after breakfast in the much quieter town when most tourists had left.



Kuju Kogen

Leaving Kuju Kogen and heading north, dropped by Chojabara visitor centre. Both offer plenty of hiking trails in Mt Kuju mountain range.




Kokonoe “Ume” bridge (九重“夢”大吊橋)

It is slightly under 400m long crossing a wide gorge. 2 waterfalls called Shidono-taki (trembling waterfalls) – 1 female and 1 male could be viewed while crossing it.

The observatory uphill from the northern end of the bridge offers  panoramic views of the gorge as shown in the featured photo.

As we were heading to Yufuin for lunch, we did not drop by the shops and eateries in the parking lot.


====>   Yufuin   ====>



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