JP 2019 Nov Koyo Katsuo-ji

After checking out from onsen hotel in Nara/Tenri in early morning, drove to Katsuo-ji in Minoh town – in the northern outskirts of Osaka Prefecture. While the original plan was to drop by the Minoh falls nearby, the mountain road was pretty congested outside the car park of Katsuo-ji (on Sunday). Thus, we decided to visit Katsuo-ji (勝尾寺) first.  Turned out it was a right call in the end.

There were many visitors. Apart from the locals, we noticed many Thai-speaking visitors –  surprise.

Katsuo-ji (勝尾寺)


Hondo (Main Hall)


Kachi-daruma (winning Daruma)

There are numerous daruma dolls (large and small) inscribed with the character Katsu (winning)  in the temple area.  People pray for winning-luck in all aspects including success in academic tests, business, sports etc.


After staying for 1+ hour, we decided to leave for the Minoh Falls. Unfortunately, the road leading to it was blocked (on weekends in peak koyo season). Though there is another road approaching from the Minoh downhill, we decided to drop it as we had to catch an express bus (whose tickets had been booked) to Arima onsen in early afternoon.

Returned car in nearby Senri new town and had brief lunch.  Arrived at Arima onsen town at around 3:30pm. It was flooded with visitors around the bus station on narrow mountainous roads. As this was our 3rd visit, we went to the onsen hotel for check-in right away. 

====>  Stay in Koroukan Gekkoen


On the next morning, we strolled around the onsen town again before checkout. Good that there were much less visitors.


Arima onsen in peak koyo



After checkout we took express bus to Kyoto direct.


=====>    Kyoto   =====>



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