JP 2018 Sept Nagano Romantic Road

After checking out from Karuizawa, drove uphill to the highlands in Nagano Prefecture.  It was a sunny day after typhoon #21 had passed.


Followed the Japan Romantic Road to Komoro to visit Kaikoen (懐古園) – a park famous for sakura.


Utsukushigahara Plateau Museum of Art (美ヶ原高原)

Followed the Venus Road and arrived at Utsukushigahra at 2000m where there is an open-air museum, akin to the one in Hakone Gora.


Before arriving at hotel in Tateshina Kogen, passed by Kurama-kogen @1600, Shirakaba-ko @1400m.


===>  Tateshina Kogen  ===>


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